Welcome to Dos Santos Latin dance!

We are an exciting new Latin dance school open in SunShine Coast. At Dos Santos Latin Dance we understand that there is more to Latin dancing than just ‘Strictly Ballroom’ type competition. Dancing is about having fun, relaxing, socialising with friends and feeling free to be yourself without the pressures of being judged or rated.

Have you ever seen people dancing salsa in cafes and thought I’d love to be able to dance like that! Would you like to socialize and meet new friends or spend some quality time with your partner? Are you looking for an alternative way to exercise or Do you just love the sound of Latin music? There are many things that bring people to Latin dancing, people of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

Try Latin dancing, not only can you learn new skills, have a great time socialising and share common interests, but you’ll receive mental and physical benefits. From keeping fit and toning your body to unwinding and releasing yourself from the pressures of work and everyday life hassles.

Our experienced teacher ‘Rodrigo Zeferino Dos Santos’ from São Paulo, Brazil has been teaching Latin dance for 7 years in Brazil (Both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) and he offers an authentic dance program with Brazilian styling and methods, taught the Brazilian way.

Instead of having one central venue Dos Santos Latin Dance operates from different locations two in Maroochydore for the convenience of our students. Dos Santos Latin Dance provides a welcoming class environment somewhat like a big family. We really care about our students and their progress and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your dance classes as much as we love teaching them.

We are taking enrolments now for all courses, so be sure to reserve your spot.

Its has great to see so many familiar and new faces enjoying Latin dance classes this term. We have been so pleased with the progress of our students over the first block and we love to watch our students developing towards becoming confident dancers. Our congratulations go out to all our students progressing on to a upper level this term – Well Done!

So come on! Come join us, meet people, live life,
have FUN!

See you on the dance floor…